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Inmate Rules

  1. All living area lights and TV’s will be turned off at 10:00 PM and turned on again at 6:00 AM daily Sunday thru Thursday. The lights TV’s will be turned on when the rooms are swept and moped.   Friday and Saturday nights will be considered “late nights”.  This means the lights and TV’s will be turned off at 1:00 AM.  Sunday night begins the new cycle.  All activities will cease at “lights out” with the exception of single-person quiet activities such as playing solitaire, etc.  This will only be allowed as long as the noise level is kept exceptionally low.
  2. If a officer enters cell and tells you to bunk up for headcount you are to go to your bunk and sit there until the officer tells you it is okay to move.
  3. You can be searched when you leave the cell and when you return.
  4. While you are in the hallways of the detention center you will respectable to all deputies and other inmates. You will have your shirt tails tucked inside your pants while in hallway. Any violation will be considered non-compliance and you will lose your privileges and taken back to your cell.
  5. While out of your bunk you are to have your orange shirt and orange pants on unless you are on State side and you will wear your shirt and pants while out of your bunk
  6. While out on the floor you are not allowed to wear a do rag  or jail issued cap . You can only do this while working outside the detention center. There will be NO RAGS TIED ON YOUR HEAD WHILE IN CELL.
  7. You are expected to keep your living area clean.  Cleaning supplies will be provided and cells will be inspected daily.
  8. You are not to pass anything out of your cell to a trustee or another prisoner.  The only items that staff can pass are items that belong to the detention center.
  9. If you are leaving your cell you must wear your issued clothing.
  10. Your bunk must be made if you are out of it.
  11. No blankets, sheets, or other items are to be hanging from the bed, tables, or light fixtures.
  12. Unless it is an emergency, you are not to beat, bang, or knock on the cell windows or doors or yell through food passes.  If you need assistance, wait and someone will help you.
  13. Your television, phone, and commissary are (PRIVILEGES).  Any abuse of these or any other rule violation will be cause for disciplinary action.
  14. An action request form will be available and should be directed to the appropriate staff.

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