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Services & Required Fees

Weekenders - Anyone sentenced to serve weekends must pay a $40 per day fee in full at time of booking for each weekend served.

Serving Straight Time - Anyone serving straight time from court must pay a $40 per day fee in full at of booking for 4 days or less. Any sentence 5 or more days will be billed.

Home Incarceration Program (HIP) or GPS Monitored Release - As a part of the Hart and LaRue County District Court sentencing process, if the court deems feasible, a defendant may receive home incarceration (HIP) or GSP Monitored Release as part of their bond conditions or sentence. The LaRue County Detention Center can attach HIP / GPS monitors per order of the court. The detention center works with CDA Inc Electronic Monitoring to monitor defendants that are placed on HIP / GPS Monitored Release. If at any time during HIP, a defendant violates a boundary or condition set by the court, Command Staff at the detention center are notified immediately and the violation is reviewed and a report is filed with the court regarding the violation. The following fees which are the defendant’s responsibility apply to the HIP / GPS Monitoring and must be paid weekly with no exceptions.

  • Jail Booking Fee - $40.00 (unless currently incarcerated at LaRue Co Detention Center)
  • HIP / GPS Monitor Hook Up Fee - $100.00
  • HIP / GPS Monitor Daily Fee - $20.00 ($140.00 per week)
    • Booking / Hook Up / 1st weeks fees of $280.00 exact cash is due at original hook up
    • Weekly fee $140.00 is due every Friday by 3pm
      • Weekly fees can be paid in exact cash at the jail or by card at www.jailfunds.com
        • Failure to pay weekly fees will result in non-compliance filed with the court, termination from HIP / GPS Monitored Release, and return to incarceration

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